Type Concept Design, Detail DesignLocation Brno, Czech RepublicProgramme F&B   Authors Tomas Labanc, Ramon BernabeTeam -Year 2017 - 2020Size 13 m2Client Private CommissionStatus Built

BLØKK is a temporary object located in the courtyard of Moravian Gallery in Brno. It works as a seasonal coffee bar for the gallery visitors and as cocktail bar during the regular summer events.

The structure is composed of four wooden frames - almost 7m long. They define the general form of an object and create open space for the  bar and adjacent storage space. In the same time, the frames act as the ‘window’ to green wall behind the object, while empasizing its openness and integration in to the gallery space. Built-in parts of the design are movable wooden pieces that enable easily to close and secure the object.

Thanks to its construction logic, the object is easy to dissasamble during the winter time, store, and built  again for the summer season. One of the side that faces flow of the people is higher to increase the visibility of BLOKK and create a dynamic accent of the simple form.