Location Brno, Czech RepublicProgramme Transport, Public, CommercialAuthor Tomas Labanc, Ramon BernabeTeam Georgia Adamou, Alfonso Bertrán Gil, Sonia Bilardi, Albert Casas, Begum Cehreli, Lazar Djuric, Izabela Franczak, Robin Gringhuis, Ferran Iglesias, Paulina Kasza, Roman Kekel, Lucile Kopczynski, Sophia Kunze, Syrine SialaYear 2016Size 20000 m2Client City of BrnoStatus International Competition / Finalist / 4th Prize

Our proposal for the new Brno Transport Hub goes beyond infrastructure architecture to become an active urban enclave in Brno. Its strategical position in the city will determine the relationship between the historical centre, the new development and the surrounding areas. It is our concept to transform what used to be a barrier into a connecting node with an attractive programmatic offer.

Brno transport hub is the gateway for all passengers arriving to Brno by train and bus. The Brno Transport Hub is designed as an active urban mixed use node that organises mobility and public life in a continuous shared space, consisting in serveral interlinked terminals.

This dense urban node will organise the interchange between the local network of tram and buses with national and international rail transport, and at the same time vehicles, bikes and other forms of movement.

By redistributing the accesses to platforms in a wider area, with a sequence of scattered pavilions, we aim to organise the vast surface of the area to find the correct human scale.