Location Brno, Czech RepublicProgramme Urban PlanningAuthor Tomas Labanc,  Ramon BernabeTeam Georgia Adamou, Alfonso Bertrán Gil, Sonia Bilardi, Albert Casas, Begum Cehreli, Lazar Djuric, Izabela Franczak, Robin Gringhuis, Ferran Iglesias, Paulina Kasza, Roman Kekel, Lucile Kopczynski, Sophia Kunze, Syrine SialaYear 2016Size 122 HaClient City of BrnoStatus International Competition / Finalist / 4th Prize

This urban proposal is not a crystallised design, but a base for urban planning. The project consists in a list of regulations for urban growth and a catalogue of qualities for project implementations.

The site framework is composed by urban stripes along a central public spine that connects the new area with the historical center to offer a cultural, research and sports corridor for the city. Each urban stripe is a self-sufficient micro city that allows flexible phasing over time. The submitted buildings and spaces are just one of the multiple possible urban configurations for Brno centre area.

We propose a resilient and efficient evolution of Brno traditional courtyard blocks that allow a variety of individual infills, thus creating a strong base for a long lasting and lively neighbourhood. 

Nevertheless, our method is not generic and has been specifically designed for the geographical, economic, social and political context of Brno, with the intend to create a valid document for the citizens to decide their future in a referendum.

The goal of this proposal is to help the City of Brno to transform its city into a modern location with a strong cultural and research offer, affordable housing and a functional mobility concept.