Location Dublin, IrelandProgramme Educational Author Tomas Labanc, Ramon BernabeTeam Robin Gringhuis, Jesus BanulsYear 2016Size 3600 m2Client City of DublinStatus International Competition

Primary school is for most kids one of the first places where they have contact with the real world and social life, an installation where kids learn skills and attitudes that they will use in next stages of their education and life. A primary school transmits to pupils the values of our culture: as the world evolves and our culture becomes more open and globalised, we think schools do too. Contemporary schools are the meeting place for our youngest citizens, flexible spaces that welcome diversity and promote interaction and integration. A place that is adaptable enough to allow all the possible activities that will happen while using the space.

Our proposal aims to be a flexible primary school, that through its functional design will encourage teamwork between the kids. It will let them experience sharing, and promote collaborative activities to develop pupil’s social skills and their capacity to adapt to changes. We designed a school that transmits calmness and safety, so the students can focus on their personal growth, but at the same time also challenges their imagination and curiosity to explore and discover what is around them. We consider that the key points for a successful contemporary education are: spatial connectivity, easy access to information and sharing ideas and creativity. The primary school building should facilitate all these actions and by doing this it becomes a teacher itself, a place made for learning.