Location BarcelonaProgramme Housing, Retail   Authors Tomas Labanc, Ramon BernabeTeam Dori Komloszy, Cosmin Mihai, Dominika Kowalczuk, Nikoleta NikolovaYear 2015Size 30000 m2Client City of BarcelonaStatus International Competition

The urban planning of this set of officialy protected houses, is the result of three key objectives to meet the site and program criteria, as well as the developing process specified in the contest rules. The first objective was to find a solution between blocks of the  Eixample and Glories area, where some high isolated buildings are surrounding the open space. The situation requires a typological symbiosis between closed block and open blocks, which necessarily has to gain density through towers, to create a public space high quality and positive formal relations with the direct context.

Moreover, we offer an efficient volumetric arrangement, divided into four buildings, adapting to the social housing typology, to create a community cohesion, open and integrated in the neighbourhood. Resulting a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable project.