Location Graz, AustriaProgramme Housing, Office, Retail, Culture, Public   Authors Tomas Labanc, Ramon BernabeTeam Robin Gringhuis, Jesus Banuls, Maria Eugenia Silva, Sara NegliaYear 2015Size 42000 m2Client OBBStatus Internation Competition / 3rd Prize

The urban mass is strategically oriented following the west to east direction in a series of 7 lineal interconnected buildings to enhance the spatial connection, views and flow between both sides of the rail tracks.

The urban ground floor is designed as a 24h active shared space, where urban mobility, natural features, retail spaces, cultural events, sports activities and playgrounds are happening simultaneously. 

The residential and offices masses on top are strategically organised in a zig zag movement to maximise the distance between them, increasing direct sun light and views.

The distribution of program is mixed along the 7 buildings, vertically stratified from public to private functions. Public space has been extended through the cores until the terraces and roof top, where a series of leisure programs are available to residents and visitors reinforcing the sense of community. Our proposal offers a very diverse housing and office typologies to promote social diversity among the neighbourhood. 

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