Location IcelandProgramme Trekking Cabin Author Tomas Labanc, Ramon Bernabe Team Roman KekelYear 2016Size 50m2Client CDS NORD Property DevelopersStatus International Competition

The project core idea is based in Iceland’s geological uniqueness – Iceland lies on the divergent boundary between the Eurasian plate and the North American plate. The walls are a metaphor of the place where the these two tectonic plates meet to create a rich geographical and natural environment. The project aim is to transmit people ideas about Iceland origins and the very special location where they are.The two walls form the structural basis of the project, a flexible structure where architecture can grow in its own way according specific conditions. This system allows multiple locations, leaving just minimal impact in the earth.

The two walls will become a visual icon of Iceland’s landscape, a recognisable element and a footing for a tourists and hikers. It’s simplicity reacts with the rich context and their lineal condition enhances the path and the direction of the trek. Besides their portrayal role, they act also as a source of natural energy and as a structural elements for the cabin modules.

The building materiality consist in an exterior finishing of aluminum cladding and light plywood interiors, that contrast with the natural surroundings and create subtle reflections in order to integrate the new construction with its surrounding context.