Location Bratislava, SlovakiaProgramme Housing Authors Tomas Labanc Collaborator Martin BolesTeam Nadia Alaliova, Quentin PlumeyYear 2020Size 1760 m2Client City of Bratislava / MIBRender Maros DudraStatus Open competition / Honourable mention

Jury comment: ' The project has proposed great spatial layout and urban-architectural concept. The division of the programme into two buildings, one of which is linear and allows views to the garden, and the other one is tower-type and by its rotation draws attention to the nearby park, fully emphasizes the location and context of the assignment. This creates space for the public to be drawn in, but also for a more relaxing zone for the inhabitants of apartment buildings.

Community spaces respect the structural arrangement and it is possible to consider their alternative location. The apartments have an optimal size and a satisfactory layout with lighting from both sides. The whole design has a cultivated and very pleasant architecture, with the assumption of feasibility in the conditions of state subsidies. '