Location Amstetten, AustriaProgramme Residential, Office, Culture, RetailAuthor Tomas Labanc, Ramon BernabeTeam Rafaella Psaroude, Skevi Hadjipetri, Domagoj Vučinovič, Alessia Piva, Dijónalis Harris, Vasiliki Chrysina, Gilberto GollaYear 2018Size 47270 m2Client City of AmstettenStatus Ongoing /

The new urban development will transform the adjacent areas of Die Remise and the Water Tower, into a modern neighborhood with its own identity, respecting the industrial character of the site, while offering a new innovative ways of working and living together.

Well connected by the passage to the train station and with several accesses from Eggersdorfer strasse and federal road B1, An der Remise will expand Amstetten urbanity towards the south, helping to regenerate and activate its surrounding areas.

Renovation of Die Remise to event center, together with the upcoming urban development, plays an important role in the future of Amstetten, extending its presence to regional and national levels and blurring its physical boundaries as a modern interconnected city. Die Remise will act as an activator of future processes and represent the long industrial history of the city.

The urban form of the neighborhood is designed to promote a cohesive and diverse community, with innovate living and working activities interconnected in a vibrant area. The building density follows the concept of the compact city bringing friendly and pleasant character of an open spaces where people feel comfortable to walk and spend their time. The open courtyard blocks and solitaire buildings are arranged in the way that offer protection from its immediate context and define a range of an independent but interconnected public spaces. The generic form of courtyard block and solitaire building enables continuous implementation in the possible future growth.